IE7 doesn’t open direct links to .swf files

Internet Explorer shows links like this: (with “.swf” on the end) no more.

Forget about HTML-less method ( if you want to create a panorama for maximal audiance in web. Use HTML.

This problem is not for .swf files only, any files which need an ActiveX object to play, failed to open with a direct link url in the last version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer: .mov and .3gp for QuickTime, .rm and .ram for RealPlayer and so on…

So, what is the solution if you want to open a link like this: The most popular answer is: “Use Firefox”, I know. But there is another way to make IE 7 to open this url: go to Tools->Internet Options, find the tab “Security”, select icon “Trusted sites”, press button “Sites”, uncheck “Require server verification”, put “” to the textfield and press “Add”. This makes the trick. But for single domain only. If you need to open .swf files for a host of domains, ok, use Firefox. :)