Happy new year!

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  1. Hi Denis
    Nice Plyer, with great features!
    How far are you with developing your Player to support Cubic Images like Spi-V uses? It’s worth me something IF I could use
    Your player, needed only 1 Image instead of 6 per Panorama!

    We are about to start Programming enhancements to our system, and I need a Flashplayer urgently ;-)

    I’ve mailed you in December, and you told me something will happen..

    BEST regards and keep on going with the good job!

  2. Thanks!
    Yes, support of the Spi-V cube stripes is done. Wait for update of the player (end of January).

  3. Happy new year, Denis! ;)
    I was a fan of Abba, when I was a kid! :)

    About what Rienus said before… you are going to support 1 equirectangular image, instead of 6?!

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