Flash Panorama Player 2.0 release candidate

Good news for panorama creators: next version of the player is almost done. I need to finish some last features and make all pre-arranged tests. Some tests will be public. Today we are testing a new behaviour and several concerned parameters.

You need the Flash Player to view this content.

(direct link: http://flashpanoramas.com/player/test/achtung/)

Main feature of the new player is a new behaviour (mouseBehaviour previously) with number 2 (behaviours 0 and 1 stay the same). It is nice and smooth. Further to this behaviour I created a new keyboard controller. It can handle several buttons simultaneously, so you can navigate now more intuitively, no problem to move panorama diagonally or by curve using zoom in or zoom out button at the same time. Finally it uses Shift/Control buttons for zoom by default!

As usual I’m trying to give panorama creators more possibilities for tweaking of the panorama engine. In addition to the behaviour parameter you are able to set:

sensitivity – change the sensitivity of the panorama to keyboard and mouse events (works with all behaviours),

friction – coefficient of deceleration for panorama motion,

threshold – the order of magnitude of the rotation speed when the panorama motion stops to calculate and the antialiasing switches on.

Also I supplemented the segments parameter to this test application in order to evaluate it’s influence on motion smoothness. I remind once again: the minimal value of this param gives the most quick and smooth panorama redrawing, the maximal value do the better quality of the sewing (no “waving” on the straight lines).

Additional small features you can notice in this example:

low-quality preview – this can be done with the previous version of the player as well, for the new version is even simpler to create.

graphical loader – I used a simple animated indicator as a panorama plugin; this is a very simple application, I’m going to create a collection of graphical loaders for choice, show or describe your favorite loader and I will create it as a separate plugin soon.

right-click menu items to open fullscreen – another simple plugin (somebody asked for this one on the forum), will be included in the next version package. Note, all keyboard shortcuts are disabled in fullscreen mode by Adobe for security reasons…

Another tests will be published soon.

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  1. WOW this is great news! hope to see a release soon!

    Could it be posible to use a PNG as a loader image? or maybe a way for the user to create their own loader? that would put the cherry on the cake!


  2. Great Denis! :)
    I was just updating my blog in order to show my panoramas with your player… hehe, now I think I’ll make new changes :))
    But it’s great to see those features implemented!

    One personal favour I need…. Since I am a Flash programmer too, I really want to be able to create my own loaders and various plugins in order to adapt it to my own needs.
    What’s the ETA for this release?

  3. Yes, there is no problem to use your own animation or a simple PNG image as a loader.

    New possibilities for programmers: you can load and control the player inside any other Flash 9 application or site. And I give you sources for the loader application (after Adobe Flash CS3 release).

    ETA is February. :) Watch for updates.

  4. Thanks for the preview Denis!
    These are very nice and useful controls. It is wonderful to see this quality on a Flash viewer.
    I will be waiting patiently for the release.

    Have you a fix for the problem with Hotspots and Autorotate??? I really miss this…


  5. This would be so great! I intent to load panoramas and control the player within Flex applications. Do you have any ideea when Flash CS3 will be released? So far we only have the Flash 9 alpha preview…

  6. hey the new version looks great! if i bought your product’s earlier release can i still get the newer one? also i really need to be able to load the panorama into another flash movie. this doesnt seem to work in flash 8, and flash 9 alpha throws an error… any suggestions or do i have to wait for cs3?

  7. Hotspots and Autorotate work correct now.

    Yes, update from current version to 2.0 is free for all customers.

    The valuable work with Flash Panorama Player inside the other Flash 9 application will be possible only when Adobe releses CS3 (have no idea about release date).

  8. Hi,

    Where can I find the 2.0 version ?
    Didn’t see any update button nowhere !?

    Thanks !

  9. Denis,
    Is the Hotspot/Autorotate fixed in the current version or only in 2.0?

  10. I read, stripes will be supported one day. Any idea, when? Timeline?
    When I buy now, licence will be valid for future versions (updates)?
    Up to which version?
    I can’ t find any information about that.
    You please should write a bit about your licence and update/upgrade politics.
    Thank you.

  11. Yes. Stripes works ok with Player 2.0.

    Politics is simple: pay once and use it forever. :) Actually, “use it forever for a single machine”, if to follow the letter of the Personal License. ;)

    Possible, in the future I will provide new products (like virtual tour templates, offline authoring tools, Flash/Flex components and so on…) for additional pay, but I’m not going to institute a payment for updates of the main product (Flash Panorama Player), all customers should have an access to the latest version.

  12. Thanks for answer, Denis.
    Next time I’ll post to forum, did’nt notice that there is a forum before posting here.
    Bought player today.
    Waiting for Vers. 2 with impatience then (’cause of stripes support).

  13. Re. Stripes: Is this the same format as used for the SPI-V player?


    Currently I prepare my material as .mov for quicktime & DevalVR, and cubefaces arranged in a single horisontal .jpg for SPI-V.
    If I can use the JPG for the Flashplayer, I will buy it in a heartbeat, but IВґm not going to produce yet another format…

  14. Yes. This is exactly horisontal stripes format for Spi-V.

  15. Hi Denis

    Well, it seems you are developing in the right direction (yeaaaaaaaahhh!!).

    As soon as you can deliver the player working with SPI-V Stripes (with feeding just 1 Image), i WILL BE PLEASED to buy the player. I REALLY NEED IT!!


    Rienus van Hees

  16. when can I get this?

  17. I absolutly need to load the flash panorama player in another AS3 swf

    it will be possible using Flash AS3 preview public beta?

    (I cannot find any information about flash cs3…)

  18. when do u think i can load v 2?or v2 beta

  19. I would like to use this application but it looks like the next version has stalled out. Can anyone tell me if there getting updates. With teh current version can you modify the size and contoller bar. The version we have is limited to one size.


  20. There’s obvious bug in your application. When asked for support. I was given a “it’s a MIME type config error on your host”, end of story, Denis then sends me ver2 of the player, but when I contacted him about it not working either, he now no longer replies my emails, how professional. How is a MIME-type error when we have another Flash application running a slideshow with JPEG images and XML that works fine? If I knew I was gonna get crappy support, I wouldn’t have bought your application. Afterall, Andre Michelle gives it away for FREE! The fact that I PAID for the application was so I can get support and not have to deal with it if the application has a bug.

  21. Hello, angry paid customer.
    I have no unanswerd letters in my mailbox. Could you repeat your problem on my e-mail?
    Also, there is a useful link where you can find answers for many problems: http://flashpanoramas.com/forum/
    Thanks to Andre Michelle to provide the support for Flash panorama creators. :)
    Have a nice day.

  22. Hi,

    I must say your cubic virtual tour are much better then quicktime. Do i need the Adobe CS3 to do anything to the flash player?


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