Navigation example

There are answers to your most asking questions:
1. Flash Panorama Player 2.0 is not released yet.
2. You will get it to your e-mail.
3. Soon.

Please, be patient. I need to finish some documentation before I can distribute the new player version package. You are unable to use new player features without documentation anyway. :)

Meanwhile you can test a new one example:

This is a good demonstration how to build a custom navigation bar (I will place it into the player package as a template). Forget about hardcoded or build-in navigation bars. Now you can create your own unique navigation controls to make your panorama applications eminent.

As usual, you do not need to know Flash to work with this application. Any graphic editor and a simple text editor are enough to create a navigation bar of your dream. :)

Click “read more” to see this panorama source. It should be understandable for you if are working with Hotspots plugin already.

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