Flash Panorama Player 2.0 release

Main changes:

  1. Engine code refactored for maximum speed and smoothness. Check this out: http://flashpanoramas.com/player/examples/officeHi.html (big panorama with high visualization quality settings).
  2. Hotspots plugin has new powerful language, a lot of new parameters and events. This is a snippet of the Hotspots plugin description: http://flashpanoramas.com/player/hotspots (full version is in Flash Panorama Player package).
  3. Single file for panorama properties, hotspots and other plugins initialization.
  4. Borders plugin to restrict panorama movements (can be used to make cylindrical and other partial panoramas).
  5. Cube stripes format support.

Flash Panorama Player package contains now set of examples, you can use them as templates for your own panorama applications. Current version includes:

  1. Panorama with navigation bar.
  2. Panoramas exhibition with previews.
  3. Panoramas with low-resolution preview.
  4. Panoramas with low-resolution preview and Flash version detection.
  5. Panorama with controller written in Flash 7 (with file source).
  6. Panorama with ExternalInterface controller (with file source).
  7. Panorama player inside other Flash movie (with file source).