Add some life to panoramas

You need the Flash Player to view this content.

New version of Flash Panorama Player is ready. This is a demonstration of new possibilities.

Draw attention to the display. It shows an external video file (flv format). The sound of the video file has 3D effect. Click on it to pause/play the video.
Now look at the wall clock. It shows the correct time and it ticks. This is a simple Flash application. Source file for Flash CS3 will be available as an example.
Finally check the photos on the table. This is an example of distorted hotspots realtime manipulation. Click them in any order, in static position or in motion, they will always open and close correctly. No Actionscript are required to describe their behaviour, only Hotspots plugin’s XML descriptions. It’s very simple so you do not have to bother about 3D coordinates and 3D motion paths, just point the final position and time for transition effect.

There will be a WYSIWYG tool for precise positioning of distorted objects (useful to superpose, say, external video and monitor on the panorama image).

Some more fun with video: if you have a web camera, click here to change the video source to your camera output. :)

Yes, any external swf application can be placed as a distorted image inside a panorama.

Yes, there is a full support of alpha channel, including flv video with alpha channel. You will be able to place a translucent hologram to the panorama like in Star Wars. :)

No, I do not think it is possible now to replace all static photos in a panorama with videos. It will be too slow for Flash. But several small animations, videos and some sort of 3D interaction should enliven any panorama a lot.

The new version is available for purchasing here (?‚¬39.95). Old customers got the free update by e-mail.

Cheers, Denis.

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  1. Hi Dennis,

    Great job! Even more than I hoped for.
    Actually this demo of yours is about the same as my idea for my new portfolio site!
    Me sitting at my desk full of interactive objects to click on and to view, even the computer monitor is what I had in mind.
    Nice that I now know it is indead possible!

    Only one question, why is it that old customers get the update later than new ones? Gimmie gimmie! ;-)

  2. I purchased this viewer 2 days ago and I’m realy excited about the posibilities. As a pre-Immervision user where I was feeling like a bird in a cage, the quality an ease of working of flashpanoramas is unbelievable.
    These new features were even above my exceptions. Congratuations with the great work, I’m really happy that I found your panoviewer.


  3. Wow!!! This is soooo cool! Exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Now I can finally release my creativity! :D
    Way to go Denis! ;)

  4. This one really got me! I was unsure which one to take: Immervision’s “pure tools” or your player. But the decision has now very easily been taken: Of course your player is clearly the better one, with better documentation, more possibilities, and — at the same price!

    Question: Is the price of ~40 EUR going to stay stable even with the new version?

    Regards, Ph.

  5. Great Incredible Job.
    Are You read in our minds?

  6. Hi

    This is great. When can we see a fullscreen version of it.

    There are a few things.
    Zoom out should be CTRL as everyone is used to from QTVR

    The video stop start does not work in my Safari/Intel MacBook Pro
    Which also means you can not initiate the camera.


  7. Got it working in Safari. Looks like something was wrong, after restarting it works.
    But I can not change back to the video after removing camera support.
    JUst get a grey screen and need to update the page to get back.


  8. 2Philipp: yes, the player’s price will be static for sure. To be true, I going to release new GUI for tiny additinal price this summer, but all plugins and updates for Flash Panorama Player will stay free for customers.

    2Hans: now you can right click on the movie and select “Go Fullscreen”. Believe, you have powerful computer. ;)
    And this is a button to load the video back.

  9. Thanks for your response, Denis! This — the fact that you listen to what (potential) user’s think or want to know — definitly makes the difference (and, of course, the technical superiority of your player compared with others) to what others (like Immervision) offer (or, actually, do not offer :-) As soon as I have my stuff together, I will puchase it. Thanks so much for doing this! You’ve pushed panoramic image presentation one big step ahead… (Sorry for my bad English, my native language is neither Actionscript :-) nor English, but German).

    Ah, and I have another question: Is is (or will it be) possible to combine to panos in one SWF, where one is the “main pano” and the other is in the background, partially invisible with alpha channels or something like this? For example, if you have a pano showing a room in a building, you could have a second pano masked “behind” the room’s windows, so that one could simulate a kind of “view” to the outside that would seem more three-dimensional. Sorry, is this understandable? I hope :-) (If I have understood you right, it would already be possible to have a flv be shown in the window (passing cars, for example)

    Regards, Philipp

  10. {{ Of course, I meant: “combine two panos”, sorry }}

  11. This is super!!


  12. Will it be possible to have timelapse ?

    like I have done in spi-v on this page –

  13. One thing I have noticed after going fullscreen. It seems that it builds up some memory problem after some time.
    Video suddenly starts jerking and the frame rate drops to around 5.
    Is this a special flash “feature”


  14. Really great !

  15. 2Philipp: Yes, you can do it using “keying” and alpha channel in any video editor. Also you can do it even simpler in Flash editor using masks.

    2Hans: Yes, Flash do not use hardware layer of video card (to be multiplatform and “less then 1.5Mb plugin”). So this application can be slow for some computers because it uses big panorama images (2000x2000x6), big enough video 320×240 and non-cutted photos.
    I think this is a good idea to create two versions of a panorama, for example, you can make two play buttons over the preview images with labels “low quality” and “high quality”. Users with slow computers and notebooks will be able to load a lite version of the panorama for examination (the same videos, animation effects, but with lower resolutions and with lesser antialiasing smoothing); but users with powerfull desktop computers and with high bandwidth internet channel can load a high version of the panorama with quality “as for offline application”. I think this may be the most democratic way for panorama performance.
    The “middling” panorama quality will always be too slow for old computers and not effective enough for high powerd machines.
    Sorry for long answer a little off the point. :)

  16. You are a genius Denis,
    Looking forward to getting it all going.
    Am still working on website. The wysiwyg sounds awesome.
    Thank you.

  17. Hi Denis, brilliant work.
    I cannot get my webcam to show the output in the movie.
    I allow the changes when the popup window shows but I just get a blank area on the moitor in the movie.
    Any ideas as to the problem.

    PS I have tried this on my Imac under OSX and Safari, and booting it into windows XP and using IE6.


  18. To get camera working, right click on Flash pano and select settings. Next to the Close button you should then see a camera icon. Select this and then select you camera source.

  19. Mark thanks for the info.
    Now works under OSX but not in Windows XP.

  20. Denis and all concerned. Especially those searching software.
    This IS the solution for your flash vr…any vr for that matter.
    Over the past two years I have downloaded and played with almost all the software on the market. If you have arrived to do not go any further!

    Getting the images to fly up to the pano window…is that a trick you could share possibly?

    thanks again.

  21. Carissimo Denis,
    mi scuserai se ti scrivo in italiano.
    Il tuo sistema ?? ottimo. Tuttavia, non ?? accessibile da tutti.
    Quando compilerai un software che consente di inserire gli hotspot ecc. ?


  22. Hi Denis and ‘?????°?????±??’ for this very promising flash player,
    a lot of settings to play with??¦

    one little request: the key for zooming out on mac should be CTRL, same as the Windows version or QuickTime, not COMMMAND.


    ?‰ric – Toulouse, France []

  23. Is it possible to do a fade transition from one panorama to another and do it in full screen mode? I would like to do this both using a hotspot link to go from one location to another and also using a icon to change the view in an existing location.

    Great app by the way, we were about to embark on developing our own flash player as both QT and pureplayer have so many limitations, so big thanks for saving us the effort.


  24. Just stumbled onto this site.
    I don’t know Flash. Is what you supply just a player? I need info on being able to load new panos (drop down menu or buttons etc). Do your files provide info on how to do this?
    Is there some kind of CMS?


  25. Hello all, I need some help. Sorry future e-mail will be shorter. This post is also on forum. If you want it in just one place feel free to delete it Denis, really no worries. Not sure how that worked just need help.

    We are a new company and thanks to the new player business is taking off. We are running in to problems that are time sensitive. In some cases if our problems are more involved and outside technical assistance is needed we will gladly look at tasks on a contract basis.

    The person that is doing my player work is Kevin so you will see us asking questions together. He is technical, I am not, but I will be posting questions some times and he will in most cases be interpreting your answers or answering questions you may have.

    Ok Now with it,

    When I use the controller for navigation and I am looking down and I switch to the next scene it is looking down also. We can not control the parameters of the controller as we can the internal hotspots by setting a controlled starting point.

    When scenes are switched with the controller I need to be able to control starting position. So that each scene will start same place ever time switched.

    Also my images have two much shimmer. I need some help in that area of processing. Please contact me if any one has a solution. I need some processing training.

    Thank you in advance for all your help and most of all Thank You Denis Great Work let??™s keep it moving!!!!

    Here is the link, it is on a mock up page now not in client site yet. Please help or direct me to someone how can help.

    Thanks Mike

  26. Mike,

    You will find in the API there is a ‘leash’ parameter to set this:-

    This parameter determines how panorama positions interact after the new panorama is loaded (using loadPano command) and before the previous panorama will be removed.

    Possible values:

    lock – the new panorama has the same pan/tilt/zoom parameter

    follow – the new panorama has it’s own pan/tilt/zoom but all changes of pan/tilt/zoom during a transition effect change new pano parameters.

    free – pan/tilt/zoom calculates independently for both panoramas

    Default value is lock.

  27. Jon,

    Thank you! Kevin will give it a try it he is out for 5 days, but will be back soon.


  28. Very cool. Definitely leading edge.

    Other places to stick FLV:

    * windows (people, cars, clouds, …)
    * fireplaces
    * aquariums
    * photo frames/paintings (eyes that follow might be a bit spooky though)
    * water effects (fountains, water falls)

  29. Hi Denis! I??m using Flash Panorama Player for my website
    I??m trying to do something like this in “…life to panoramas”
    can you share the XML file you wrote to di that?

    thank you very much!!!!


  30. This is awsome stuff. As I am just getting into building panoramas in flash format this is the kicker to set my panao’s apart………
    Is there going to be a Mac Version or did I already miss something…… Windows only?

  31. 2 G Klimetz:
    Flash Panorama Player has no GUI, it’s a pack of swf files and manuals. I.e. this product is absolutly multiplatform, works the same anywhere you can find Flash Player (Mac, Windows, Linux…).

  32. Denis, looks very cool :D
    one question, If I buy this…
    Can i Make just as nice panorama’s with fla movies and cool showing up photo’s etc. just as your example “office” panorama???
    if that is so im definitely going to buy your flash panorama player :D
    greetz Rick

  33. Ive bought it and it is very cool great job Denis!,
    but i have a picture rendered as a sphere :
    i edited in photoshop and made docks_f b r l etc.

    but now i have got weird corners…

    how can i edit the picture so i can get it right…

  34. You could easily see this as the computer desktop of the future.

    When you have a surrounding you are familiar with, you can remember many times more items stashed away in a seemingly fysical place. You can check that for yourself on this page:

    You will remember you left that file of documents behind you!

  35. [...] I normaly don’t post much about Flash but this Interactive Panorama is really cool. It was built on Papervision3D, probably the most popular Flash 3D-Engine (but not as advanced as Away3D) [...]

  36. Wow, your Panorama Player is really cool. It do looks like apple iphone application, can we embed it on our blogs or webpage?

  37. Dennis,
    I’ve purchased your Flash Panorama Player, and I have a project to complete that is very similar to the one you feature here. What 3D program did you render the scene images from? I’m using 3DS Max 9 and Vray. Do you have tutorial files for this scene?

  38. Hi,

    I’ve seen a really cool thing done by some guys at

    (have a look at the pano on the top). I was really impressed, especially reading about their ” PanoFlash?„? Technology ” – apparently very, very similar to Flash Panorama Player. ;)
    And then I’ve seen this page and got a bit confused…Who’s broadcasting is that, in the end?

  39. woah, i dont know what to say… great job, smooth animations, nice 3d rendering, i love it

  40. 2ev??luti?? No, this is NOT Papervision3D. This is a special, designed for panoramas only engine. It’s noticeable faster and smoother therefore. Papervision is great and universal, but dedicated things are always more effective.

    2Raz: I used free POV-Ray renderer.

    2Johnny: immerisive360 is my old customer, you can find the reference to my site there easy. I’m providing only a player, they are providing player’s utilization (and they are doing it very good) . Anyone can do the same for only ?‚¬40. ;)

  41. Hello Denis,

    CONGRATULATIONS! I love really your Player and purchased it some weeks ago.

    Some questions/confusions I have about your site:

    1. About the UI: In May07 you wrote it will be available this (last) summer, do I miss something? Is is already available? Did you mean the editor plugin?

    2. I was reading in the plugin section of FPP about a new mp3 and lensflare plugin, now I found the plugins in the Blogs…are those the pluging you are talking about in the FPP Section of your side? Or are you making new ones?

    Thanks again for making the best panoramic tool available for a very good price. The support (you, the forum members,..) is outstanding too.


  42. wow, i’m impresed gonna buy it right away

  43. I had never got the free update by e-mail

    i don’t understand how u make move the pictures

  44. Does the player have FLA file?

  45. Hello,

    A little button waits to receive a click in order to display and send a picture front of the screen (static = 1)
    But, I don’t manage to put this picture to its initial place, when this picture waits for a click again. Indeed, this picture disappear automaticaly

    This is my source

    <spot id=”image_1a” static=”1″ url=”images/mami.jpg” visible=”0″ alt=”Ma grand mere” linked=”Sph-maison” pan=”12.00″ tilt=”5.00″ depth=”-101″ scale=”0.10″ blockMouse=”1″ onclick=”static=0;scaleable=0;scaleX=0.10,1500;scaleY=0.10,1500;depth=-101;visible=0;image_1.visible=1;”

    Can you help me to solve this problem ?

    Thanks a lot

    Best regards

  46. A little button waits a click to display and send a picture front of the screen (static = 1), but when I click again on the displayed picture, it disappear automaticaly.
    I would like to fullfill the meme effect than Denis.
    This is my source

    <spot id=”image_1a” static=”1″ url=”images/mami.jpg” visible=”0″ alt=”Ma grand mere” linked=”Sph-maison” pan=”12.00″ tilt=”5.00″ depth=”-101″ scale=”0.10″ blockMouse=”1″ onclick=”static=0;scaleable=0;scaleX=0.10,1500;scaleY=0.10,1500;depth=-101;visible=0;image_1.visible=1;”

    Someone can help me, please ?
    Best regards

  47. Hi Denis, Hi everyone

    Really very good job. I just got the flash panorama player a week ago and still trying to figure out all the options and parameters.

    A little question, can you tell me please from where you got the photo viewer in the panorama???
    it’s amaizing. I have the postcard viewer and the tilt viewer but they don’t give the same effect as yours. Can you give me a hint…..
    Thanks in advance

  48. Denis,
    Is there a update I missed? Cause I don’t seem to have the capturemouse.swf file you used in this example.
    IS the a update i missed or can download from somewhere?

  49. Hi everyone
    Just a question about webcam use.
    Is it possible to make some different IP CAMERAS working like the camera in te office exemple?

    My project is to create a 3d room with few monitors where i can see in realtime all the IP Cameras connected on my Lan


  50. Hello Denis,
    I am an Architecture Student looking to create a very unique portfolio of my work. Though most of my work is portrayed with still images, I wanted to show off my 3D skills by creating a dynamic user interactive virtual space to house my work.

    This is why I have been recently searching for a program that would allow me to combine my animation sequences with 360?° panoramic views (with hotspots to activate animation sequences to other views). After seeing your Flash Panorama Player 2.2, I??™m all but certain this is exactly what I need.

    Only two questions to be answered before I make the purchase. Firstly, in regard to the photos on the desk, will the current version allow me to do this with photos ???hanging??™ from one of the walls in the panoramas? Secondly can your .swf files be called upon by other flash files and will they retain their functionality?


  51. We have just started to explore the possibility’s of Flash Panorama Player, we are still using TourWeaver for production but soon hope to start using FPP for production.

    We are using it for our home page.

  52. This is a fascinating program. Thank you Denis. I enjoy Pure Player , but I believe your product has the upper hand.

    The new features are amazing!

    I will be using this in future for sure!

  53. I am a multimedia designer familiar with the inner workings of Flash Actionscript 2.0 – This technology is exactly what I’ve been looking for for months. I almost broke down and attempted at programming this exact thing myself…minus allot of innovative ideas you’re developing. I’ve test driven almost every leading panoramic software in the industry and this by far seems to have the most potential. I’ve visited your site in the past but didn’t realize the nature of ingenuity you offer on a continual basis. I find it a great service that you offer free updates. The lense flare and hot spot interactivity are beautiful btw. I have yet to invest in this software. I am still hesitant to purchase since I am unclear as to the functionality it will offer and the simplicity, or lack there of, of programming the effects within the production stage. I specialize in HDR/VR Photography and the potential with this product seems more than I could ever ask for. Keep up the incredible work. I’m sure I will invest in this product very soon :)

  54. I love this, but an having trouble creating the photos so that they move when clicked then move back when clicked again as you did. Any chance we can have a look at the xml?

  55. Regarding the questions of how easy it is to use the Flash Panorama Player…. it all depends on your coding skills. If you are good at coding, you will be able to make nice works after a learning-curve. If you know nothing about coding, the ideal solution would be to get Flash Panorama Player, and also purchase Flashificator ( Flashificator is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Flash Panorama Player, and with it you can add videos, mp3 files, internet radio stations, complete set of navigation buttons (dashboard) and pictures and make complete tours in a couple of minutes if you are in a rush. *)

    Attn: The Flashificator project is a living project, still in development on daily basis, and will continue to be improved and bug-fixed.

    *) In written moment, the Tourificator (the part of Flashificator where you can link infinite number of panos in a multi-node tour), is in the works, and it will be released as an integrated part of the next update of Flashificator within a few days.

    If you are interested in seeing how Flashificator works, you are welcome to view the available video tutorials here:

    Let’s assume that you want to make a panorama tour with:

    10 different panos
    All panos equipped with a dashboard (buttons for Infoscreen, Move Left, Move Right, Move Up, Move Down, Autorotator, Fullscreen, Less Contrast, More Contrast, Less Brightness, More Brightness)
    Resize the dashboard buttons to your liking
    Have tooltips added to all the control buttons
    Add a lensflare
    Add a video of your own choice to each of the panos (different video for each pano if you like, or 10 videos in one pano only, note that if you want to fit the video into a monitor or a frame or some specific location, it will take additional time for adjusting it. This example is based on dropping the video into the pano in a hurry).
    Add mp3 files to all the panos (can be one or one hundred or more in the playlist of the Flashificator mp3 player)
    Add a FPP loadmeter

    The above is possible to do in 2 minutes using Flashificator.
    To do the same without Flashificator could take weeks or months for someone who knows nothing about coding.
    For a skilled coder, it would require hours, if not days.
    For someone using Flashificator for the first time, it would probably take 15-20 minutes to make the above.

    Even skilled coders are using Flashificator in order to save time. After the project has been “Flashificated” (produced), it is possible to manually customize the look and feel of the project by coding. After Flashification, the project is web-ready, packed in a html page.

    There is a lot of features being worked on, and a lot more to be added in the future, which will make Pano-life a dream come true.

    Keep in mind: Flashificator is a GUI for Flash Panorama Player, and it will NOT work without Flash Panorama Player.

    Hopefully this info will help people to decide to purchase Flash Panorama Player and … of course Flashificator too.


    Trausti Hraunfjord

  56. Hi,

    I`m trying to copy the picture-effect to show zommed jpg`s inside a panorama but I need some help, please.

    Can you post or send me the code of one of the hotspots?
    this would be very nice.



  57. Hi

    I bought the player but I could’t find the source file for this. Please advice


  58. Hello,
    Can you edit the xml code that has been used to achieve this?
    I can not put the photo in its original place.
    I have a problem to use the tween.
    thank you

  59. hello , i have somme exemple on my website . i shoot that in senegal: and

  60. Hi,

    Could i know which is the most advanced panorma compaine software .. i am usging Ptgui right ..

    is that okey for good quality panorama ?

    pls reply


  61. hi

    i have purchased this but did not get the source can you guide me with it?
    how do i use it i want to have my own interface with functionality of this

    jasmeet singh

  62. Dear Denis,
    Needless to say that the stuff you have achieved could have only been dreamt by lesser mortals like me!! Great job done. Now before I go in for your player, please clarify whether we can convert my old quicktime panoramas in mov format using your player or will I have to stich individual images and export the panoramas again? how easy it would be to achive the kind of interactivity you have shown here using your player? Pl reply ASAP as I really want to make up my mind fast on buying this!

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  68. Hello!
    Junior Tavares am, I live in Brazil and would like to know about this program
    environments to 360 ?. I know the price and if a program for
    Junior Tavares

  69. I’m impresed gonna buy it!

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