Add some life to panoramas

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New version of Flash Panorama Player is ready. This is a demonstration of new possibilities.

Draw attention to the display. It shows an external video file (flv format). The sound of the video file has 3D effect. Click on it to pause/play the video.
Now look at the wall clock. It shows the correct time and it ticks. This is a simple Flash application. Source file for Flash CS3 will be available as an example.
Finally check the photos on the table. This is an example of distorted hotspots realtime manipulation. Click them in any order, in static position or in motion, they will always open and close correctly. No Actionscript are required to describe their behaviour, only Hotspots plugin’s XML descriptions. It’s very simple so you do not have to bother about 3D coordinates and 3D motion paths, just point the final position and time for transition effect.

There will be a WYSIWYG tool for precise positioning of distorted objects (useful to superpose, say, external video and monitor on the panorama image).

Some more fun with video: if you have a web camera, click here to change the video source to your camera output. :)

Yes, any external swf application can be placed as a distorted image inside a panorama.

Yes, there is a full support of alpha channel, including flv video with alpha channel. You will be able to place a translucent hologram to the panorama like in Star Wars. :)

No, I do not think it is possible now to replace all static photos in a panorama with videos. It will be too slow for Flash. But several small animations, videos and some sort of 3D interaction should enliven any panorama a lot.

The new version is available for purchasing here (€39.95). Old customers got the free update by e-mail.

Cheers, Denis.