Latest info and more regarding FPP

FPP (Flash Panorama Player) is undergoing several changes for the time being. A new updated version will be made available in the near future, where several new features will see the light of day, and much more will be added as soon as time allows.

If you have questions about FPP, you should ask those in the FPP forums.

To purchase FPP or any of the related products, visit the online shop.

Flashificator (FFC), is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for FPP. More information about FFC.

Pano Cocoon (The Security Suite for FPP), offers top notch security. Encryption of the panorama images, encryption of the project xml file, Domain Lock, Local Lock, Time Limit and a cutsom hard coded context menu that can not be removed from the project, ensuring that your copyright information can not be removed from a project you have made More information about Pano Cocoon.

To see the latest news about FPP’s ongoing development, you should visit THIS LINK.

Examples of panoramas made with FPP and FPP+FFC can be seen HERE and HERE

The FPP Blog has not been active in the past, but from now on new posts will be published from time to time.
Discussions and questions are as always, best dealt with in the FPP forums, and not here in the blog.


Trausti Hraunfjord