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Pot 02-28-2012 11:06 AM

FPP is dead?
Some months ago i wrote in a thread:
"If FPP will not have HTML5/iPad support in the future i don't think it will have a long life"...
I watch sometimes the forum but it seems there is lack of activity.

GeoK 02-29-2012 01:09 PM

In the absence of any sensible product development roadmap, I would have to say yes. I would however like to be proved wrong....

Dalileis 02-29-2012 05:59 PM

FPP has never been more alive. If you have bought it, that is. FPP is simply superior to any other player. Just read the manual, and I think you might agree. In FPP you can still do things that no other player can do.

Of course it can also be adapted to HTML5/Ipad/Iphone support.

Some brilliant developer like Tommy or Trausti or the main man Denis just needs to finds some time and desire to do it. Perhaps someone has done it already, more or less public.

I just love FPP. Have tried everything else, but FPP is still nr. 1.

It will only die when Flash dies or on 21.12.2012 if Mayas were correct... ;) Perhaps even afterwards someone might still be spinning three sixties in it, you never know. Hey, look, end of the world 360, right underneath the asteroid. Don't forget to use HDR, because the shadow will be enormous.

discocandy 03-02-2012 02:26 PM

The program is not dead at all.
most of usare at the flashificator forum.
this forum is still alive to save all that is written in the forum.

GeoK 03-02-2012 02:34 PM

Yes there are people still using FPP - I am one - and I also occassionally use FFC. But FFC is not FPP. Pot I assume was asking whether FPP will ever be updated, a valid question which deserves an answer and one which is completely independent of FFC activity.

Pawpoint 03-05-2012 01:17 PM

Can you get to the flashificator forum from this one, or is it part of it? (sorry I am new)

Jean-Marc Paratte 03-05-2012 04:13 PM

FPP is dead? I don't think but...
I don't think that FPP is dead but nead a main refresh, a documentation refresh, a skeleton to develop external and hotspot plugins, a simplified common parameters parsing with more precisions, some parameters extensions, a documented access to internal objects, etc...

All points I mention above, I've solved them. For a long time, about 6 months, I studied by reverse engineering internal pano.swf and hotspots.swf. I found a lot of inconsistancies and strange restrictions. I've studied rare Denis' plugins but very helpfull, and mainly Thommy's plugins. I'm very disappointed that the only way to find informations is by doing reverse enginneering. Now, I can answer: YES, FPP IS A BIG PANO ENGINE.

What I'm doing with? I'm developping a "PHP cloud application" that delivers daily updated FPP XML, derivated from another daily XML stream. The XML drives about 250 POIs with associative comments and multimedia links. The size of the FPP XML is about 500KB to 1MB.

Developping FPP plugins and debug them is a very dreadful task. I hate that because debugging tools are poor and this is a very slow process. I've developped a method to debug plugins with Flash CS4 as close as possible to the final HTML execution. Like that, I gain some times with enough debug test precision, with various XML parameters and cases.

My first way of development was to develop features exclusively with Flash, mainly external plugins, not hotspot plugins. Now I've done a big shift toward HTML by moving programmation interface from Flash/Actionscript to external JavaScript. The benefices are considerable. I use pano.swf as a background and I build front-end interface with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. One main reason to move front-end is that HTML/CSS rendering of Flash is very poor. The only Flash way to develop text renderer is to use Flash objects. It's about OK if the text and other elements are "static", "preformatted" and "short". On another hand, Flash can handle powerfully a lot of "static" calculations, XML extractions, etc... Just need some entry points to retrieve data... Finally it's also a way to migrate to HTML5. And one day, I think I could cut Flash when Canvas will be ready. But not the FPP Engine which is a very strong idea.

My development is not finished. It was previously planned to the end of last year... Everybody knows the problem of misplanned software developments! It will be ready for the next summer season, I hope... No, I'm sure.

I will not publish my developments and other stuff before I deliver my application to client.

Some months ago, I wrote to Denis: no answer. I also tried to communicate with Trausti but I'm not FCC oriented neither client of. My current vision/idea is to open the FPP development to the Internet community else it will die. I'm also ready to propose a new free pano.swf version with a new stronger XML organisation... This could be the FFPP (Free Flash Panorama Player).

I've written those lines because I think it's the last time to do something to save FPP from a KRash.

Jean-Marc Paratte 03-06-2012 06:31 PM

Here are a list of enhancements I've realised to FPP for my project. I'm still using pano231.swf and hotspots23f.swf. My enhancements are realised outside of the 2 main swf. They are mainly workarounds implemented in all my external plugins and hotspot. Of course for optimisation, they can be implemented in pano.swf and hotspots.swf...

The list:
- development of debug.swf to be closer to HTML execution (bug in pano.swf)
- enhanced parameter delimiter in text parsing (more correct usage of ';' and EOL)
- litteral string parameter (usage of "" to embrace string including some ' ' and ';')
- workaround to retrieve "query_string" parameters (bug in pano.swf)
- multiple loading of same SWF external plugin
- standardized positionment of external plugin (like hotspot, same notation)
- correct XML parameter parsing in external plugin (bug in skeleton 'new_params')
- enhanced tooltips working also with external plugin, flicker free
- common notation to retrieve parameter value from a text file rather than a litteral string
- common notation to retrieve the value of a variable (external plugin and hotspot, calling javascript, variable assigment,...)
- automatic translation of "no-case" internal parameter name of pano.swf and hotspots.swf to correct case (external plugin and hotspot, same as documented)

All enhancements are fully compatible with existing notation.


Scott Witte 03-08-2012 06:11 AM


Sounds like you have been doing a lot of interesting programming and are no doubt quite capable at it. If you are willing to share in more detail what you have done I know some of us would be quite interested. (A one line summary makes some of the issues you address a little hard to understand.) It could prove a very fruitful collaboration.

In the very least you might want to share some of what you have done with Proggy via Trausti. Some of your wishes and fixes could be helpful in the next version of FPP. (Yes, it is still being worked on.)

At the very very lease I hope you can share your monster project with us. It sounds intriguing.

cbc 03-08-2012 09:42 AM

Yes for FPP, No for FFC

I think if you want to share, not through Trausti because since he took over FPP, it nothing happens outside of FCC. I'm working with me and not with FPP FFC. So I am happy to ?cganger with you. Thank you to post on this forum because you do live.


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