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Sam Rohn 03-12-2011 12:59 AM

PanoPress - WordPress Plugin for 360 Panoramas
hey gang -

omer calev & myself have cooked up a new wordpress plugin for displaying 360? Panoramas on your website, and as of version 0.8, Flash Panorama Player is officially supported :)

all panos are embedded via swfobject, plugins i've tested work fine, i have not tested flashificator, pano cocoon or whatever html5 options are avail for fpp yet, but we want to support all of these features, so we need some help testing them from experienced users...

see the PanoPress site for documentation, FPP docs are not up yet but it will be pretty similar to krpano, proper fpp docs are being finished as quickly as possible

1 - install & activate the plugin
2 - upload your panoramas
3 - embed panos with the shortcode [pano file="my-pano/my-pano.xml"]

both omer and myself have been using wordpress to display our panos for years, and this plugin is intended to make displaying panoramas w wordpress as easy as displaying jpgs, remove the hassle and mystery of proper swfobject usage, etc

so check it out and let us know what you think



kbellis 03-15-2011 01:14 PM

Hi Sam,

As mentioned in your forum posting, I am able to embed panos in a WordPress page using the html iframe bit - see tests here ... No special plugin or widget is required. I didn't have to change or configure anything to get the pano to display.

I'm still trying to get PanoPress to work as you and Omer have done so much work, but I'm not sure at this point that it will make FPP users' inclined to use it since PanoPress requires the rewriting of their xml, renaming pano.swf, and moving it a different directory... or at least that is how it seems at present. Since I'm not an experienced FPP user and have only been using FFC for about the past half year, I hope to be corrected if I've misspoken.

Kind regards,


Sam Rohn 10-02-2012 12:04 AM

sort of old news at this point, but PanoPress 1.0b1 allows easy embedding of FPP & Flashificator via html like this, for those who do not wish to modify xml files etc

[pano file="my-pano/my-pano.html"]

see here for latest panopress version


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