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In the past 10 days the programmer has translated the FPP engine into a different language, something that should have made it possible to optimize the code and do memory optimization in a way that would benefit massively... but after all this work... there was absolutely no visible or measurable difference. Not to the better, and not to the worse. There are a couple of things that he hasn't applied yet, both of which are very likely to make significant improvements, but those are things that will take several days to complete, and I think that a pause is the best thing for now, since everything else has been put on hold during this work, and no positive results are showing.

He did the same code translation to the TPP player a while back... something that took 2 weeks to complete, and the result there was only 8% performance gain... a very disappointing result. FPP is very different from TPP engine wise... and with the right changes to FPP, more performance gains should be available, and that will be tried a little bit further down the road.

The programmer is about to start working on the hotspots.swf plugin... applying a couple of new features, and hopefully fixing a few of the bugs the hotspots plugin has.

The new features will be "grouping" of hotspots, and the other is polygon drawn hotspots. Both of those will be welcome improvements, but there are also other things that need to be done.

In the times ahead, I will have the programmer to put main focus on FPP, and only do needed bug and error fixes for Flashificator, with only a few new addons that have been worked on in the past but not applied.

Tiled loading (for giga panos) and giga cube face panos (cube faces with unlimited sizes... going beyond the Flash limitations) will be worked on. Same with the 360 pano video ability. It will all be worked on as time allows.

There were a lot of things that had to be done for Flashificator, and most of those things have been done now. Therefore the focus can turn towards FPP, and I hope the results will be showing up soon.

Hopefully this update report will show you people that things are and will be cared for. New things are tried out, unfortunately not resulting in success (yet)... but no matter the "lost" time put into these attempts of making things better, it will be worth it.

... and on those notes I am glad to say that Denis has made the FPP engine so good, that the best and most complicated methods of optimizing... have not been able to optimize anything at all. His code is bullet-proof on that front (until now).

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