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New features for FPP that have been implemented in the FPP files... New FPP update will be made available soon.

Here you can see the new features in action online:

There are 2 animated .gif images (fighting character).
Zoom in and notice how your mouse cursor will not change until it is above visible pixels.
Between the .gif images, you will see a red alpha channel square. This is a drawn polygon hotspot.
Turn around, and you will find a single red/blue .png file that has erased (transparent) areas. Notice how the mouse cursor only reacts when over visible pixels.
Next to this is a purple irregularly shaped .png graphic. There is an irregular hole in it with 100% transparency, and on the right end of it is a circular hole with 99% transparency. The hole doesn't react to the mouse, while the 99% transparent hole reacts as if it was fully pixelated.

If any of you good folks would like to test this out, you are welcome to download the project file here:

You can have a look at the xml and the files and see how things are done.

When this is released, a set of instructions will be supplied, and for the polygon drawing, a small little gui will be made for the hand coder community, while FFC will of course have a complete set of tools for everything related to using these (and future) features.

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