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Flash 10 rendering
No more broken lines in videos or hotspot images as you can in these screenshots:

Grouped hotspots
Possibility to have hotspots grouped in various groups, where they can be collectively given the same functions. Great time saver.

Polygon Drawing
This is something that has been on the FPP wishlist for at least 2 1/2 years, and now a reality.

Animated GIF images support
Opens up new possibilities for animated hotspots etc.

Transparent pixel detection
Mouse will not react to transparents areas of png images. Transparent area in a center of a png image can be clicked and the pano dragged, without the hotspot reacting to the mouse click.

Depth issue bug fixed
There was a bizarre bug in the hotspot.swf plugin that would only be triggered under very special conditions, and that one has been fixed permanently now.

Timing Accuracy
Timing in FPP has always been off. If a flyout image is supposed to take 500 ms to flyout to the screen, it could actually take 10 times longer... or more. If a transition of a panorama saturation was to be 300 ms, it could easily be 10 times longer.

That has been fixed. If timing is set to 100ms, it will take 100ms to execute. No more, no less. Perfect precision every time AND less CPU processing is gained as a positive side-effect.

Transitions between panoramas are also working perfectly. When a transition takes place (cover down or fade or stripes or whatever else) it has always taken longer than it has been set to. Now it takes the exact time it is set to. If the pano is moved during the transition, things really clog up, and get even slower and the panos can feel like a real drag... but with the new hotspots.swf file, the transition still takes the time it is set to take, and there is no quality dragging issue to worry about. Things simply work well.

I will probably delay the BETA release until the programmer has made a tool that can be used to draw the polygon hotspots with. Not much use in that feature without a GUI for it anyways.

Those of you who would like to get the BETA version for testing, even before the polygon drawing tool is ready, are welcome to contact me privately and ask for a copy.

ONLY users that have access to the File section here in the forums, will be able to get the BETA version... so if you would like to get the BETA, but haven't asked for update access, you need to provide me with a copy of your FPP purchase order confirmation document (NOT only the number, but the whole document) and let me know your username here in the forums. Send the info to this email: flashificator (at)

Asking for access to the update section without providing the needed proof of purchase, will not work.

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