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It's been quite a while since I had hoped the first updated version would be out, but these things take time. Now the current FPP work is reaching 800 programming hours, and Flashificator and Pano Cocoon development has been on ice in that same period of time. I had hoped for a release yesterday (Monday), but that could not be done. The final few things that need to be done, are in sight, and everything for this update should be complete in the next few days. Maybe even today (Tuesday), but due to the nature of programming, one can never know for sure.

Those of you who have not asked for access to the update section, should do that, in order to have access to the next update(s) that are significant improvements to what you have now.

When you apply for access, you need to provide a copy of the purchase order confirmation for FPP. NOT just the number, but a copy of the confirmation document itself.

No proof of purchase = No access to the updates (unless you already have access to the FPP Google Groups, and can let me know from there that you want access here in the forums).

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