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Since bigger works always seem to pop up along with additional problems that need to be solved, I am only capable of showing you the latest look of the project. Please click the image to load the online example:

The first time you go there, it may take additional time to load, since a few flex libraries will be downloaded from Adobe to your computer. The second time you go there, or when the next version is ready and released, the libraries will not download from Adobe (unless you have removed them from your puter).

There are a few issues that still need to be fixed before a release.

The Hotspots and Groups tabs will be combined in one tab, to reduce confusion.
The currently selected hotspot or group will be shown/indicated in other tabs, so you will not be "blind". It is easy to forget which hotspot/group is being worked on, so that is a needed addition.
The SAVE button, will be moved to the top XML Editor bar, along with the Undo/Redo buttons (Undo/Redo has been implemented, but the buttons for those are not there yet).
The sliders do not work in decimal values. That is of course not sustainable, and a custom slider compoent is to be made, where a value can be typed in and big and small changes made through sliding the slider or tapping the arrow keys.
In this test version, you can not see changes in the viewer, when you change the values in the xml... Proggy is working on that right now (been doing so for the past many hours, and will continue until that is ready).
The display size of the application in a browser window is not ideal for smaller monitors... bottom elements will start disappearing if the browser window is made smaller. Also to be addressed.
Polygon drawing is there, but the buttons will be moved to the XML Editor top bar.
There is a very basic XML validation working in this example... if you mess up the correct structure... for instance you remove the
< character from <parameters> so that it looks like this parameters>
and then you click somewhere OUTSIDE the XML editor's text area (in the pano or in the other tabs) the changes will be updated. This will result in an error message in red appearing on the XML Editor top bar.
Remake the character, then click outside the xml editor, and the error message will disappear.
This is basic validation, but better than nothing. I hope it will be possible to have a complete validation built in a future version, which would check all the code and point out where the errors are, and what could be done to have those fixed. But obviously that would be a much bigger project... in fact it would be a completely new product, and possibly way beyond anything we can do for this small a community, but I still like the idea.
The right click menu offers Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete Undo Text, Redo Text
If you draw a freehand polygon hotspot, you end the drawing by double clicking on the last point you want to create. This results in all the dots becoming visible, and you can edit their positions (click and drag). To finish the drawing and lock it, you click on the freehand polygon drawing button again.
Default color for the polygons is yellow. If you want to change the defaults, first click the "Hotspots" tab and click on the "area1" hotspot, which is the polygon you just drew. Then click: "Properties" tab, then "Other" tab, and there you can change the opacity, fill colour, stroke, stroke colour etc.

I hope that this does look good to you all, and as some of you already know, we are working on this day and night to get it ready. The past 2 weeks have mostly been 18 hour days for the programmer. There really isn't much more that can be done to to bring down your waiting time apart from continuing until all is done.

Trausti Hraunfjord
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