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2 1/2 months later, still no public version out, due to severe changes that were requested and worked into the interface. It has been way too time consuming, but the end result will hopefully be worth it for everyone.

Here you can see a short screen video demonstrating the docking feature of the program. It may not look like much for normal people, but this is a first time ever on this scale done with Flex 4.

You can also see some of the issues that need to be fixed, such as the top drop down menus are behind the tool boxes, and at the end of the video there is a vertical stacking of tools, which still needs to be converted to horizontal stacking, and a few other things.

With this layout, you will be able to have all the available tools open in front of you, rather than having to click between tabs, or you can gather everything in one tool-box, where you can flip between tool tabs, or have only select tool-tabs together.

A couple of other features will be added; "Open all tools gathered", which will open all the tool boxes tabbed in one window, and "Spread tools" which will detatch the tools from the one window.

You can close the tool boxes and open again, without losing any of the settings you may have had there. This is the base for future additions, and will make it much easier to implement new features and functions in the future, both FPP and FFC wise.
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