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Post FPP in YOUR language

Now it is possible to make FPP more accessible, by giving it more languages.

The first translations made possible, are for the new FPP Editor. Later the plan is to introduce "Tutorial Tooltips" that can be turned on and off. These tooltips will provide access to all available information regarding what this or that in the interface (and beyond) can or will be able to do. When the implementation of the "Tutorial Tooltips" has taken place, the relevant files will be made available for translation as well.

For now, the new FPP Editor texts are available in the attached file.

There are currently only 312 words to be translated, so this is not a huge task to take on, but it will help a lot of people to get better possibilities to create panoramas, when they have access to many of the things in their own language.

As there will be added more features and functions to the interface, there will be a need for further translations.

It doesn't matter how small a country you live in... even Iceland (my home ground) which only sports one panorama photographer as far as I know, could get it's own Icelandic interface. I hope this will be welcomed by the FPP community and that many people from all over the world will help making as many languages available as possible.

Please download the file and translate the texts needed, according to the instructions.

Thank you very much for your contribution to making FPP better!

Trausti Hraunfjord
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