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Thank you for the responses.

I understand your position, it is shared with many others. The focus has however been on preparing the whole platform for future development, and that has now been achieved. The iDevice support is next on the agenda, and will be available as soon as humanly possible. The two main brains behind that part are Sebastien and Richard. Proggy will do his part as well in terms of making things easier for end users.

The different languages will be accessible from the very same program, so people can change to English in split second, and discuss things based on the English interface... if they can manage English.

We who can communicate in English, are the absolute minority of the world, and personally I know of many people who have extreme difficulty having all things panoramic done, because everything is in a language they do not understand. Then there are all those we never hear from, because they don't even want to try to use something that is limited to English alone. What options do those people have? Not many if any, and certainly nothing on the level of what FPP or KRP can offer.
My plan is to change that, and make things easier for those who are limited by language barriers. This is the first step, and more will be done. I consider it more important than iDevice support which can be found elsewhere, but that does not mean that I consider iDevice support as somthing that should not be done. Same goes for other things. Time is the really limiting factor.

Many thanks, this will be highly appreciated!

Many thanks for the translation file which you have already sent me.

Currently the following languages have been provided at this point:


As soon as I receive new languages, I will add them to the above list, so that there will not be 2 or more peole working on the same language by accident. People who are making translations into their own language, are welcome to post here, to let know they are in the process, and since the words/expressions can be quite specific, maybe it would be good for people to ask other in the community for help with the tricky words.

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