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While I applaud your intention to make FPP multi-lingual friendly, there may be a flaw in your logic. The program itself may be multi lingual, but to learn and take avantage of all the authoring knowledge and tools, one has to constantly visit an ENGLISH forum such as this. German forums seem to be the other alternative for other platforms.

I agree with the general sentiments, iDevice support is the biggest gap. If you haven't checked out Pano2VR lately, I would encourage you to do so. It is definitely becoming very capable, with iDevice support, multi-res, and a growing plug-in community.

Even with the increasing popularity of Android devices, Flash pano performance on them are abysmal, including the most recent Android 3 tablets (I tried the Xoom and Galaxy). I was never an Apple fan, but have to grudgingly acknowledge HTML 5's superior performance on iPhones & iPads.
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