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Well, the interface in different languages as it is now, is only the first step towards a more complete and full independence from having to use the English language. Plan is to have "Tutorial Tooltips" added, where every little thing is explained in detail in every supported language. That is a bigger work for translation... but I still hope that people will help on that front.

Same goes for the help files... those should be available in the corresponding languages as well.

iDevice support will come. Proggy already made an engine for it in his non-existing spare time. S?bastien Fray has also been working on the "Corvus" code, and he informed me last night that he'd try to find more time for it this week. These things are not with us yet, but this is on the agenda, and will be built in. I'd rather stay away from checking other panorama software's capabilities, features and functions, and focus on having something that is original and not the result of copying what others have done.... although that may not always be perceived as good by many.

Molehill has been demonstrated on Androids, and it is reported to be superb... and I have to say that I am totally and completely sure that it beats the crap out of anything the iDevices can manage to show at present time.

... but of course we still need to support both worlds.
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