Thread: FPP is dead?
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FPP has never been more alive. If you have bought it, that is. FPP is simply superior to any other player. Just read the manual, and I think you might agree. In FPP you can still do things that no other player can do.

Of course it can also be adapted to HTML5/Ipad/Iphone support.

Some brilliant developer like Tommy or Trausti or the main man Denis just needs to finds some time and desire to do it. Perhaps someone has done it already, more or less public.

I just love FPP. Have tried everything else, but FPP is still nr. 1.

It will only die when Flash dies or on 21.12.2012 if Mayas were correct... Perhaps even afterwards someone might still be spinning three sixties in it, you never know. Hey, look, end of the world 360, right underneath the asteroid. Don't forget to use HDR, because the shadow will be enormous.
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