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we'll start out with some markers, (circles, triangles, whatever) and designate them...

green = not visited
red = visited

set-up your hotspots w/ the green marker,

url = "green.png"
(or just leave the unvisited hotspots blank, whichever)

then, when they click on the hotspot, it'd change the marking on the map.
onClick = "hotspotID.url=red.png"

the best way to disable secondary clicks, would probably be to create a transparent png to cover over your map at a higher depth that would keep them from clicking on anything after the first click.

<spot id="transparent" url="transparent.png" visible="0" blockmouse="1" buttonmode="0" />

then adding to the hotspot's onClick...

onClick = "transparent.visible=1"

then, in your global tag, you could add


so that the map will be interactive again after the pano loads.

As for marking the spot on the map that the hotspot is leading to, I liked your idea about showing different scale/alpha maps, but in order to show which spot is being marked, you would have to have it set up for which version of the map is being shown, a smaller version or a larger version. If the larger version would always be the version being marked, no problem, if the smaller versions will be using markers, then multiple functions would have to be created to change around where the marker will land.

using the larger version, you could create a yellow marker that would float around depending on which area it needed to mark.

<spot id="marker" url="yellow.png" blockmouse="0" visible="1" alpha="0" />

then, when you "onOver"'ed a hotspot, it could move the marker...

onOver="marker.staticX=###; marker.staticY=###,,,showMarker"

showMarker being a global function...


hideMarker would be for the onOut parameter...


Looking back, the preceding string of consciousness, is probably a bit fragmented and disjointed. I see where nidrig is coming from with the AS3 navigation, it's not necessary, but considering my lack of AS3 experience I can't tell you which way would be easier, the FPP version would require quite a few different functions to be created, but I believe what you want to do IS possible w/ just FPP xml.

The coding for FPP can be quite intimidating when you begin, but like with any language (computer or human), once you become familiar with it, you can begin to string together more complex phrasings. Took me about 2 weeks to "grasp" the basics, and after that point, it's a continual learning experience. Especially when it comes to usability, trying to guess what FPP wants, what your client wants, what THEIR users want...
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