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You can all see and feel the current state of the editor plugin here:

No, this is not the finished version, just a pit-stop version. There is also going to be an xml editor and "undo" feature and "save xml"... plus more drawing feature options for the polygon hotspots.

You can create groups, assign various hotspots to one or more of the created groups, apply filters or movements etc to a selected group.

When you do polygonos, you finish off the drawing with a double click on the last position, then you can edit the points that make up the polygon. You can change the opacity and colour of the polygon drawing and frame, to make either or both invisible or massive. Applying an image as fill for the polygon is to be implemented as well. When you have moved the points as need be, you click the polygon drawing button again, and then the image will be in place.

This is only for giving you a pre-look... which is better than no-look. I am pretty confident that we can make the release on Saturday or Sunday night.

Information regarding the use of the editor will be made available as well.

Hopefully this is of interest to you all.

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