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Default FPP is dead? I don't think but...

I don't think that FPP is dead but nead a main refresh, a documentation refresh, a skeleton to develop external and hotspot plugins, a simplified common parameters parsing with more precisions, some parameters extensions, a documented access to internal objects, etc...

All points I mention above, I've solved them. For a long time, about 6 months, I studied by reverse engineering internal pano.swf and hotspots.swf. I found a lot of inconsistancies and strange restrictions. I've studied rare Denis' plugins but very helpfull, and mainly Thommy's plugins. I'm very disappointed that the only way to find informations is by doing reverse enginneering. Now, I can answer: YES, FPP IS A BIG PANO ENGINE.

What I'm doing with? I'm developping a "PHP cloud application" that delivers daily updated FPP XML, derivated from another daily XML stream. The XML drives about 250 POIs with associative comments and multimedia links. The size of the FPP XML is about 500KB to 1MB.

Developping FPP plugins and debug them is a very dreadful task. I hate that because debugging tools are poor and this is a very slow process. I've developped a method to debug plugins with Flash CS4 as close as possible to the final HTML execution. Like that, I gain some times with enough debug test precision, with various XML parameters and cases.

My first way of development was to develop features exclusively with Flash, mainly external plugins, not hotspot plugins. Now I've done a big shift toward HTML by moving programmation interface from Flash/Actionscript to external JavaScript. The benefices are considerable. I use pano.swf as a background and I build front-end interface with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. One main reason to move front-end is that HTML/CSS rendering of Flash is very poor. The only Flash way to develop text renderer is to use Flash objects. It's about OK if the text and other elements are "static", "preformatted" and "short". On another hand, Flash can handle powerfully a lot of "static" calculations, XML extractions, etc... Just need some entry points to retrieve data... Finally it's also a way to migrate to HTML5. And one day, I think I could cut Flash when Canvas will be ready. But not the FPP Engine which is a very strong idea.

My development is not finished. It was previously planned to the end of last year... Everybody knows the problem of misplanned software developments! It will be ready for the next summer season, I hope... No, I'm sure.

I will not publish my developments and other stuff before I deliver my application to client.

Some months ago, I wrote to Denis: no answer. I also tried to communicate with Trausti but I'm not FCC oriented neither client of. My current vision/idea is to open the FPP development to the Internet community else it will die. I'm also ready to propose a new free pano.swf version with a new stronger XML organisation... This could be the FFPP (Free Flash Panorama Player).

I've written those lines because I think it's the last time to do something to save FPP from a KRash.

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