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Here are a list of enhancements I've realised to FPP for my project. I'm still using pano231.swf and hotspots23f.swf. My enhancements are realised outside of the 2 main swf. They are mainly workarounds implemented in all my external plugins and hotspot. Of course for optimisation, they can be implemented in pano.swf and hotspots.swf...

The list:
- development of debug.swf to be closer to HTML execution (bug in pano.swf)
- enhanced parameter delimiter in text parsing (more correct usage of ';' and EOL)
- litteral string parameter (usage of "" to embrace string including some ' ' and ';')
- workaround to retrieve "query_string" parameters (bug in pano.swf)
- multiple loading of same SWF external plugin
- standardized positionment of external plugin (like hotspot, same notation)
- correct XML parameter parsing in external plugin (bug in skeleton 'new_params')
- enhanced tooltips working also with external plugin, flicker free
- common notation to retrieve parameter value from a text file rather than a litteral string
- common notation to retrieve the value of a variable (external plugin and hotspot, calling javascript, variable assigment,...)
- automatic translation of "no-case" internal parameter name of pano.swf and hotspots.swf to correct case (external plugin and hotspot, same as documented)

All enhancements are fully compatible with existing notation.


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