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Default it isn't exactly what I mean

I don't think that embedding a video into a flash application is an abuse of any streaming video server. We don't want to retrieve the url of flv or mp4 files, and we don't want to play the videos on our own, instead using the video player flash application of the selected streaming video provider. Naturally we would use the storage capabilities of the streaming server but they would get traffic and visitors in turn, and videos integrated into fpp projects would also be accessible from the website of the streaming video provider.
The example you have posted contains two hotspots, each loading a video, one from youtube and one from google video. Youtube player isn't acceptable to me since it displays promotions of unwanted videos after the current track has been played. Google video is better, it in fact accepts a few parameters to customize its behaviour (see, but it is also written in as2. As I said, I would need to show the streaming video from a custom as3 flash application (to display titles and more information for the video), not to directly embed the video as a hotspot like in your examples. The custom as3 application would then be used as a hotspot.
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