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The work on FPP update has finished.

Release will be made on Monday, since I will try to use the weekend for testing. Regardless of the testing I make, the release will be labeled as a BETA, and those who choose to download it, will be encouraged to report back on all possible issues they come across.

A few videos will be posted showing how to manage things in general terms, and a list of fixes and features will also be provided.

I will of course try to be of as much assistance to anyone who needs help as I possibly can.

The last thing that was implemented in the new FPP Editor, was multiple language support, which enables people to make translations of all text in the interface, send the translated material back to us, and that language will be added to the pool. People will be able to change between languages in the interface with a single click.

People interested in translating the interface files are welcome to contact me and request the files. Spanish version is being made right now.

It's been a very long time in development, but I am genuinely happy with the result. I am also sure that many people will be less than impressed, because their wishes were not taken care of in this round. This is however the very foundation for the continued FPP work, and without what has been done in this round, the future development would be a complete mess, impossible to put together into something that non-hand coders could benefit from. There are after all more non-hand-coders than there are people willing and able to deal with code directly, and their interests must be served.

Pardon my brevity right now, but more will be coming your way by Monday.

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