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Thanks Scott,

Yes, it is a rather unusual environment that you would not expect in a scientific research institute. At least I did not expect anything like this.

This wonderful demo lab has been set up around some of the first experimental devices. They are now testing far bigger ones in the field. The idea is to go around it with visitors and explain all the possibilities.

They had no experience at all with 360 photography and they came to me with the idea to make a 180 degree panorama from one side to visualize it more or less in the same way on their web pages. And then I met with this setup.....

I could convince them to turn the devices towards the center and make a 360 from there. We reshuffled all the cubes and this is what came out. Then they asked me if I could put an image in the monitor screens and before I knew it I had Power Points, posters, videos and web links to put in place :-)

It never was the intention to create something like this, these things happen when a client gets enthousiastic. I am sure you have had similar experiences with your projects.

To be able to zoom in on the details without loss, I used a 20mm on the 5DII. I made two rows of 8 shots with 6 different exposures and made the final cubes 3000 pixels wide. That is what gives it the 'unreal' touch.

Thanks for your interest!

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