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Default Up for Grabs -

Hi all

It looks like I will be leaving the UK soon and heading home.

So my domain name is now Up for Grabs.
It's listed on over 240 Search engines that I know of. Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing/MSN, Live Search, AltaVista, Aol, Lycos, DMOZ to list but a few.
And the Site also gets, all sorts of click-throughs, from some truly weird places, Blog's, YouTube, Wikipedia and Property web sites.

Traffic over the last 12 months has exceeded 280000.

If you were to register a domain name and pay someone to get the site this sort of coverage, it would cost you Thousands and take forever.

I also have some other domain names that I will throw in for the cost of transfer. - if you're going to do house plans with your tours, or even a Property web site. and - that I registered on a whim. All already listed on the main Search engines and all getting traffic.

So whether you already have a business/web site or you're looking to get started in the virtual tour business. This domain name and it's email address, would bring you an instant return.

Now personally, Like most people I think My domain name is worth millions, But realistically I'm looking for offers over 1000 Pounds Sterling. (works out at a traffic cost of 0.0035p. Try buying traffic for that price.)

Post or PM me if you are interested

Forum Guests can email me at info@

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