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Default about cyl/equi images

Zephyr wrote:
3: Does not currently support equirectangulars or cylinders, however support will probably be built in soon.
panoType=cylinder sends the loaded cylinders or equirectangulars to cylConverter.swf to be converted into cube faces and then back into FPP for display. I have not yet figured out how to send the "descrambled" image into cylConverter.swf for conversion into cube faces.
However, you can of course convert the cylinder or equi into cube faces yourself and use panoType=cube, and it will work fine. And you will get better quality too, since cylConverter is worried with converting fast, and when you do it yourself, there is no time constraint.

I have tried to convert cylinder into cube faces but the quality result isn't good and for some reason the 6 resulting images are bigger in KB.

So I wonder if it would be usefully to have an encrypter that would encrypt just the XML file.

I have use and tested the encryptHTML pro and it works fine since it encrypts the original html, but can't get the XML file not to cache so its useless since you can find the XML file in your hard drive.

I guess I will be waiting untill we get a version working for cylinder/equi images.
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