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Originally Posted by allSaints View Post

try this:
<spot id="img_a" alt="Close-up Photo" url="images/dot.swf" pan="172" tilt="-32" alpha="1" depth="20" scale=".4" onOut="scale=.4,400"
onClick="visible=0;img_b.visible=1;img_c.visible=1" />

<spot id="img_b" url="images/photo.jpg" static="1" depth="30" visible="0" smoothing="0" glow="100" glowColor="#FFFFFF" glowBlur="2"
glowInner="1" shadow="1" shadowDistance="4" shadowAlpha="0.6" />

<spot id="img_c" url="images/close.png" static="1" depth="31" visible="0" staticX="100" staticY="100" onClick="img_a.visible=1;img_b.visible=0;visible=0" />

Allsaints this code is really helpful, Being a programmer I can say it will work. Guys you are getting a best solution here. Take benefits of this opportunity.
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