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More than a month has passed since this was first posted so an update may be in order and of interest:

1) Images have been added from the 2/26 and 3/12 rallies. Both had roughly 100,000 in attendance.

2) Of special interest may be the aerial view taken from on top of a boom lift. Took a lot of retouching to remove that from the spherical 360.

3) I become fascinated by how the 360 images might look in print and put up a separate page exploring that. Check it out:

The interactive comparison between pano view and standard camera view at the bottom is pretty effective, I feel.

Current plan is to publish one or more of these views as posters.

4) Over the past month the site has gotten 72,000+ visitors all by word of "mouth". Two peak days saw nearly 8,000 each. Traffic has diminished generally over the past week or so as it drops off the news. 17,000+ came via Facebook but most, 45,000, came via emails people sent to others. I burned through 620G of bandwidth this month alone. Thank God it wasn't discovered by Huffington Post or some other major site.
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