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Old 09-27-2010, 02:47 PM
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Default New Hotspot.swf, transition solved? NO

I was reading about the new hotspot.swf and see this.

Quote from Trausti
Transitions between panoramas are also working perfectly. When a transition takes place (cover down or fade or stripes or whatever else) it has always taken longer than it has been set to. Now it takes the exact time it is set to. If the pano is moved during the transition, things really clog up, and get even slower and the panos can feel like a real drag... but with the new hotspots.swf file, the transition still takes the time it is set to take, and there is no quality dragging issue to worry about. Things simply work well.

First I was happy as I just had the problem with transitions when making a panoslideshow with the panos using autorotating while changing to new pano. I had to do my own transitions for this.
The only time you have this problem is if you do an autotour or a movement from a spot which fades into a new pano. But this has nothing to do with the hotspot plugin.

Nothing has changed as far as I can see from the tests I done.

KRPano can do it fine I have seen.

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