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Old 04-18-2012, 11:38 AM
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Default Converting fpp tours to ios?


Ive just had my first customer call up saying his website virtual tours dont work on his ipad. First one to do so. So it's time I sorted it out.

Had a look around and nothing makes sense much so hence the post. All my tours are in fpp and are hosted on my servers. End user clicks link on website and virtual tour open in new window on my servers.

So, what I need, as I see it, is:

1. Obviously a means of converting all my tours to ios.

2 a detection procedure that detects if is ios and then runs the ios version, but if is not ios just runs the current flash version.

It can't be an app or anything like that. Tours just have to work in ios broswer.

I mean how does everyone else do it? All I know is that the ios versions use html 5.


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