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Old 05-19-2008, 02:55 PM
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Default Preload external Files other then the Pano


I have certain Artists impressions and SWF animations, I like to show in the FPP. So I load a blanco, solid color panoramo, with a static hotspot covering it with the image/swf. The panorama gets preloaded (fast because the panorama is a small jpg with 1 color). But then it sits their and waits, downloading the artists impressions, and then finally shows the jpg/swf. Users are waiting, seeing only a blanc panorama.

So I thought, lets make a preloader in the swf (first frame empty with preloader, when load is completed gotoandstop frame 2). It works outside FPP. But inside the FPP, it sits there, and waits and loads the couple MB's and then it shows the preloader for 1 sec and then shows the jpg. FPP is loading the whole swf in cache, and then starts the preload. So I thought, the first swf should be a small one, with just the preloader in it, which loads another external file.

But if you saw my last post, that didnt work either, it wont load the second swf.

My question is:

1) Instead of a blanco panorama with panotype cubic, cylinder etc, is it possible to load a jpg file, static, controls disabled, like some kind of splashscreen. without using the method i use now (blanco panorama with a hotspot covering it all)
2) Is it possible for FPP to preload/buffer/cache including the external files (the buttons png, menu, artist impressions, swf etc) So Preloading = pano + external, instead of Preloading = pano. Then sits there loading the externals in the background.
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