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Default "simulated" cylindrical - problems with fullscreen


i got a problem with a panorama

I created a equirectangular panorama, where only a part of the 180 degress is filled with the panoramic image. The rest of the 180 degrees ist filled with black color.

See here what i mean:

I have done this in this way, because smooth rotating works best only with cubes

Now i have problem with limiting the view so the user cant see these black areas. I have done some test with these parameters:

zoomHome = 0.70
zoomMin = 0.80
zoomMax = 1.20
tilt_min = -2
tilt_max = 2

It works great when you see it in a non-fullscreen browser window.
But i got a problem when i submit the fullscreen button.
The black area appear again

Take a loook here and switch to fullscreen

Any Ideas or something to read ?


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Old 08-06-2008, 05:47 PM
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hey Michael, just add...

ratio = 1.7

to your <parameters> section and that'll take care of your problem.

on a side note, you may also want to add disableTilt to your pano during transition from preview to actual pano. When FPP starts loading a new pano, the borders/limits plugins get cleared out and while I was waiting for the color pano to load, I could tilt up/down and see the blank areas fully. At least if disableTilt is used (as opposed to disableControls), your viewers could still pan the preview image and you could keep your blank areas hidden during transition.
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