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Old 01-12-2009, 03:58 PM
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Default Best Floorplans Ever Done

Hi everyone !!

Usabilty is one of the main aspects for our virtual tours, as it will be the way we will let users explore the scenes we want to represent...
For acomplishing this issue, the floorplan navigation is a basic point to mantain the user situated in the space...
There are few points that I would like to comment :

1. In most of the maps build in FPP, I find the same "bug" :

- When you click on a MAP hotspot, while loading the scene if you click on another MAP hotspot, the radar or compass will go to the last click even the loaded scene will be the one from the first click...

you can chek it out in this project

other example is trying to solve the problem but with a quite unusable solution which is closing the map once you click on the MAP hotspot, which causes a clear effect of delocation for the user, you can check here

In the last example we can enjoy of one of the best floorplan ever done, you need to get inside the house to see the map...Here the problem is completly solved as the compass is going exactly where it has to, and seems not to allow any action while loading the image...

2. One of the main points for having the best floorplan, should be that when you are pointing (on Over) to a hotspot in the scene, it get marked (and the tooltips appear) in the floorplan, so you know the space location you are going to access, and this way we can avoid getting in the same scene again and again, which happens very easily in quite big tours...

3. For full success of not getting in the same scene (unless you want it), there should be a function able to distinguish visited / unvisited hotspots, so we should use an extra set of hotspots to mark those that have already been visited, and this way making very clear which are the next places to visit...

4. For making a more friendly user loading process of the new scene, there should be the possibility to make an animation in the MAP hotspot, where and image moves from the actual point to the next point... I can assume that the movement should be rectilinear, because it would be quite difficult to define a curve...Anyway in most of the cases a rectilinear movement would be enough, always that we are able to define some different points on the track. Maibe a new FPP plugin could be done in order to be able to have bezier curves to define this tracks, and also to reduce the task of measuring every point in the track..

5. Finally an easy way to have multiple floorplan availability, would be great, because in most of the cases the buildings have more than on floor.

-One solution could be having all the floors at the same time and just making the actual bigger and alpha =1 while other stay in half scale and alpha = 0.5
this way you can know from the begginig the amount of spots you can acces to...

-An other solution could be to just view one floor, and having the availability of changing them through a combo box, or by accesing them directly through the hotspots from the scenes...

Thanks for reading this quite long post, and I hope that this issue will call the attention and help of some advanced FPP users, and hopefully we will be able to easily build the Best Floorplans Ever Done

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