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Old 03-08-2011, 02:28 PM
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We did a rotating platform very chip and it's semi automatic. When I find a bit of free time, I'll do the photos and post it here.
For now I'll just say taht we used:
1. Old motorbike wheel hub
2. Couple of steel rods for supporting construction
3. Car wiper motor for propelling the wheel
4. A piece of plywood cutted in circle
5. Round piece of gum for transmission from the engine to wheel hub
6. Motorbike battery
7. Couple meters of cord with on/off switch.

I think those of u with some love for DIY and a beer can assemble such a thing.

We tested it with ourself on it so it can support 90 kilogram.

And about the background: I'm all about the minimal post production and low cost so we bought geotextile (same I use for background in my studio) white and black. Also we bought plexiglass for bottom background wich was the only expensive stock in the project. Nevertheless we have our hell machine for less than 50 $ and we could even do it cheaper if we didn't use plexiglass and instead paint the wood.

Here you'll find example:
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