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Default Motion Zoom Transitions

The Motion Zoom Transition Plugin page is up and open for business.

Motion Zoom Transition gives an impression of moving through space from one 360VR node to another ?€“ sort of as if you were walking from one spot to another -- very quickly. It does this by assembling a series of still photos, zooming and cross fading between them.

This first release version has the ability to pause in mid transition. That is useful to give visitors an overall view of a room before moving to the 360VR node inside. It can also be used to pause mid stream to briefly view some feature or moment. Those familiar with transitions in the British series "Hotel Babylon" know how cool that can be.

Some call this transition style the Easypano effect, but Easypano, at least all the examples I've seen, requires that all transition elements be assembled into a FLV file. That means you need a way to create a FLV. It seems to require a lot more overhead. To keep file size manageable they resort to really low image quality. It also seems to take more time as you load the player, load the FLV and finally wait for the next pano to load when you reach the end of the transition. By contrast Motion Zoom Transition uses a series of still images, easy for anyone to make, with lower overhead and better quality.

Still to be done is an improved method for turning corners more smoothly. The current method is OK but can certainly be better.

The distribution package includes full documentation, example transition images with a before/after comparison so you can see how they are made, and a PTGui template for pulling rectilinear images from a fisheye. That is my preferred method for creating transition images using the same lens used to make the 360s.

Near as I can tell KRPano, Panosalado and Pano2VR have nothing like this. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You can see a demo and purchase the plugin at the Motion Zoom Transition Plugin page. Price is $30, a one time fee.

Hope this is of interest. I've been getting a lot of mail about it lately.
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