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Old 09-12-2010, 05:16 PM
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Default Frame Rate Causes and Future implementation of Panologic

What are the considerations for particular frame rates? Video card, main cpu, both... How can we test them. To get the frame rate capabilities, a normal frame rate checker isn't usable because when nothing is moving the frame rate is high and when it is, it's low.
Perhaps an overall main cpu benchmark would be a decent way to go. Very slow cpus are generally matched with comparable video cards.
I think it would be great to implement an CPU benchmark into panologic so that appropriate content can be delivered.
I was also thinking about javascript but this would rule out projectors. Perhaps, both acting in concert would be decent.
The goal would be to support light laptops as well as super computers with the same virtual tour mostly to dynamically set cube face size and video hotspot resolution.
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