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Default Flashificator videos with sound

I helped some people out in the past
and created some video's i would like to share.
it is my crappy voice but it shows some functions on flashificator.

record function

pano movement buttons

adding panorama to a hotspot version 1

adding pano to a hotspot version 2
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Thank you so much Freddy.

This is the community spirit that really helps. I know there are people out there that don't like to help, and say that I should be the one doing this because it is "my job". I do as much as I can, and even more than I can afford, and it is still never enough. Therefore I doubly appreciate it when the community steps in and provides active help for others, especially when they do it from the goodness of their hearts.

Thank you again my friend, and the world would be a better place with more people like you

Here is the current list of things found on screenr (your 5 on top)

Basics in flashificator part 1

record function / Hotspot movement

pano movement buttons

adding panorama to a hotspot version 1

adding pano to a hotspot version 2

Applying low resolution grayscale for intial pano.

Adding hotspots in the pano that load new/same panos as used in the project

New loadmeters: "Bar" and "Custom Bar". How to use these during development.

Video Component Controls (basic)

Opening a saved .ffc project file and Flashificating it.

Quick overview of the Flashificator interface.

Replacing a pano in an existing project: Plugins>Tourificator>Double Click the pano to be replaced....

How to apply limits to panos in tours.

Making a very simple project, with one pano, navigation controls in a panel that can slide out of view.

How to apply blurred background (or other filters) for a video (or other objects).

Individual View application (version 2.076). BOTH grayscale and full pano need to have the individual position set.

To set a working initial view, you need to do that through the Tourificator tab. NOT the Visuals tab as it has been.

Transparency detection and click-through usefulness in tabs and similar situations.

Showcase: PrePano and Youtube additions in version 2.077

Changing transition times for panos

Day/Night transition creation.


Auto Tour Recording / Creation

Selected Thumbnail Highlighted

Autotour that loops. Going from pano 1 to 2 to 3 and back to 1, 2 etc. etc. etc. including moving in each scene
Trausti Hraunfjord
Flashificator, the GUI for FPP.
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