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Old 07-02-2012, 08:13 PM
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Old 08-08-2012, 12:32 PM
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Hi Canny,

sorry for the looooong delay in my answer, here's what you need:

You have to use the trackHS external function together with the manualMode, here's how:

in the config part in your XML change/add this

webid = UA-7026953-2
debug = false
manualMode = true

baseName = Wayne State University Libraries

and in the part that you handle the hotspot click (or where you load the next panorama) add this:

external.fppanalytics.TrackHS=This hotspot was clicked;
(change "This hotspot was clicked" for whatever you want)

Hope it helps

Originally Posted by cweems View Post
Paulo (or anyone),
So I have this problem: I am using your fppanalytics plugin. The way my virtual tour system is built (by contract developers) converts each pano image to a number id, which in turn ends up showing up by title in my GA reports only by that number such as:
/Wayne State University Libraries - ../lib/fpp/images/893
/Wayne State University Housing - ../lib/fpp/images/890
(in this case, Wayne State University Housing is the page title of the tour)

The question is there a way for me to convert those above numbered "urls" into the actual image titles such as:
"David Adamany Undergraduate Library"
"UGL Atrium"

There is only one html page, and navigation is thru flash events.

I could rename at the GA site if possible, or somehow in the xml code. I have snipped the relevant xml code below. And a sample of the content is here:

ALSO, same question would apply to a deep link setup that I have like this:

--sample snip from xml--
layer_3 = ../lib/fpp/plugins/fppanalytics.swf

webid = UA-7026953-2
debug = false
baseName = Wayne State University Libraries

PS: I'm still alive and kicking loll
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