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Old 10-30-2007, 10:41 AM
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Default Help to get started

Good day to you all

Just bought fpp a couple of days ago and am looking at the examples. So far so good for simple stuff. Now that I wan't to take it a bit further I have some (simple) questions that would help me, and maybe others.

1) how do you find out where to put the hotspots?
<spot pan="-60" tilt="15" is there an easy way to find out the values of pan and tilt. Kind of clicking on the image and getting the values?

2) Looking at some code of examples online I saw that putting a thumbnail gallery can be achieved by using the .xml files only.

onStart = "loadMain();"

loadMain = "



Am I coorect that the autoRotStop for example is kind of a function in the xml file?

3) Since I want to move to more advanced stuff using flash. I wonder if some of you could help me (new to actionscript 3) to understand the controller example a bit better.

what is masterSlot and slaveSlot ?

4) does anyone of you have (and is willing to share) an flash file with thumbnails in it. I want to design a bar at the bottom with the thums that can be clicked to get the pano and make that bar autohide (or click to hide, click to show)

If yes please mail to mb at

So far thanks and I appreciate the possiblities and hope to have some examples online soon.

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Old 10-30-2007, 05:03 PM
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placing the hotspots: the editor plugin (or guesswork)

functions in xml: yes, autoRotStop is a function (I believe I wrote that xml that you have excerpted, and obviously having only one command in that xml is pointless, it's valuable when you can call a function from from various spots and don't have to duplicate the list of actions for each spot).

controller: you really don't need to worry about all that, the connection code is just negotiating a unique connection id with fpp. just find the as3 controller. If you want to modify it, the startWatch function is what's called after everything connects, so start mod'ing from there. Bear in mind that fpp only responds to requests from the controller, so if you want to be advised of changes in fpp, you have to keep asking (just as startWatch does).

flash file with thumbs. I would suggest using the xml to display your thumbs, it is more re-usable (unless you want to hide you work in a swf).
This does basically what you want, using xml:
xml: (view source)
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Old 10-30-2007, 05:16 PM
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Thanks so far for your answers. And yes the code is one for yours.

I guess I want to start using flash because I want to have more options (I assume flash would provide more functionality)

So what I now am doing building my controller buttom up. First I am placing buttons that will display in bottom right corner (see my other post - they dont work yet)

Then I add autohide functions and thumbs generation from external xml file and so on. So I am on step 2 of approxemately 100 :-)

Anyone who has AS3 fla to share where I can learn from please mail them to mb(at)

Thanks in advance

Regards Markus
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