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Old 09-10-2010, 03:44 PM
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Default FPP, Flash CS5, and Apple

With Apple's relaxing of the approval process for getting Apps for the iPhone/iPad/iPod into the App Store, Flash CS5's Packager for iPhone capabilities are back in the game. That is a huge win for those of us that use Flash as a development platform and has huge potential to make pano apps that are a heck of a lot better than Pangea VR with full featured hotspots, etc.

My question is this, does anyone know if we can use FPP as it currently is programmed (meaning we as users don't have the source code but can still embed it in a custom flash document) for this purpose? I currently don't have CS5 but the trial is downloading as I type to do some experimenting. I planned to upgrade my suite in the next month or so and may go ahead and bite the bullet if this works.

Anyone out there tried this? Can we as users create Apps out of a virtual tour?

An additional thing to think about is the license agreement that we must follow with FPP and I haven't taken a look at it yet.

I'll check back in sometime this weekend or early next week after I have had a chance to play and experiment...

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