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If you want your welcome text to only on start, use onStart.
No need to make things this complicated.

Originally Posted by Ton den Ouden View Post
This example is a little more complicated.

Recently I made a virtual showroom. The xml-files are quite complicated, for there are many videos and pictures in it.

Starting the tour, I wanted to show a welcome text during the first seconds. But in this tour it is possible to visit the same pano again. When re-entering the same pano I do not want to see the welcome text again of course.

It would be easy to define the pano again and make a separate xml. But that would mean that I would have to copy any changes made later to the second xml too.

I found a much easier way to solve this with panologic: I only show the text if the loading pano is at a surtain panning angle. If the angle is different, no text will be shown.

I defined the same pano twice in my global settings in the index.xml, using the same xml-file and only a different panning angle and added a global welkomx-command.


welkomx="welkom.visible=1; welkom.alpha=1,1000; timer+=1,3000,,start" start="welkom.visible=0"
When returning I use the second one (pano1a).

In the showroom_1.xml (pano1 and pano1a) I used the following code to check panologic:
The panologic code looks like this:
   <function name="intro">
      if ($pan > 174 && $pan < 176) {
This works just fine and any changes would just have to be made to one xml-file.

It may all look very complicated at first sight, but it is quite simple. Maintaining two identical xml-files is far more complicated than this.

Good luck,

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