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Default Announcing Smart Cache Plugin -- Fast and Very Smart

Announcing the Smart Cache Plugin -- Fast and Very Smart

One of the biggest complaints about 360 virtual tours is waiting for panos to download after clicking a link. Smart Cache minimizes such delays by downloading panos in the background so they are already there when requested. Ideally visitors would rarely, maybe never see another loading meter. And that is just the beginning. This is one plugin you will want to use on nearly every tour.

Smart Cache is fast, generally 50-100% faster downloading panos than FPP itself and equally fast to the FFC_Preloader plugin.

Easy to use: The XML is dead simple and straightforward.

It preloads everything: panos, video, JPEG images, SWFs, MP3s... anything.

Fast but it doesn't hog: When FPP starts loading a new pano Smart Cache knows if that pano is already in cache. If no, it pauses, giving all available bandwidth (loading speed) to FPP. When FPP is done Smart Cache restarts. But if the pano is already cached there is no need to pause so it keeps right on going with no lost time or bandwidth.

Flexible: Users rarely view a group of panos in the systematic order we intend. They often jump quickly to a different part of the tour. Smart Cache knows when this happens. Instead of blindly downloading panos in the original order it reorders its queue on the fly to preload panos in the area the user is currently viewing first. This maximizes the chance that the next pano clicked will already be in the cache. All files in the queue are still downloaded in the same total amount of time. Only the order changes.

Accommodating: Switch to different preloading queue XMLs on the fly without loading an entirely new FPP XML. This is especially useful with large tours broken into sections. If you have different versions of a tour such as high rez for full screen and and low rez for windowed, preload just the files your visitor is using. This saves bandwidth and time.

User Control: Users can cancel preloading if they like. You can make preloading entirely optional, only doing it at the user's request.

Informative: Optionally let visitors know you are preloading, how fast and/or how many files out of the total have been downloaded.

Multi-Lingual: Descriptive text can be changed to whatever you like in any language that Flash displays.

Customizable Meter: You can set the meter's background color, text color, alpha, font, font size, position and more.

All this and more costs just $20. It is a one time fee. Use it as many times as you like for tours you produce. Updates are free.

To learn more and see this in use visit the Smart Cache Plugin Page.
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