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Old 06-29-2012, 03:17 PM
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Default New 360 video product + Question


First the good stuff. I just made a new 360 Video lens. Will retail about $300-$400 and does not require any software to make the 360 Videos.

Check the latest demo

Hopefully by the time you read this will have the web site up

My question is how to limit the Flash Panorama player for still with embed pano. There is a 15% discount if you can answer it :O)

All I am trying to do is set verticle limts BUT to an embeded pano. Normal panos I seen is easy with the limits or borders plug in. I think I need to do something with external and I have seen examples but I can insert it into my embed pano.

Here is where I call the Pano. My PanHome is working. I tried just adding panTilt min and max after it like


but no joy. Any ideas?

panorama.loadPanorama("layer_1=files/hotspots.swf&layer_2=files/limits.swf&layer_3=files/cylConverter.swf&layer_4=files/movDecoder.swf&layer_5=files/autorotator.swf&layer_6=files/glassMeter.swf&layer_6=files/borders.swf&panoType=mov&panoName="+ urlArray[newLength] +"&allowScriptAccess=sameDomain&segments=19&qualit yStatic=low&sensitivity=6&keySensitivity=5&zoomHom e=0.65&panHome=235");

It?s a mov file I am trying to limit

I tried things like in the swf file doing

layer_1 = files/hotspots.swf
layer_4 = files/borders.swf
layer_10 = files/glassMeter.swf
layer_3 = files/limits.swf
layer_6 = files/cylConverter.swf
layer_7 = files/movDecoder.swf
//layer_8 = files/menuFullscreen.swf
layer_2 = files/autorotator.swf
qualityStatic = low
panoType = mov

segments = 10
pan_min = 0
pan_max = 360
tilt_min = 60
tilt_max = -60
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Old 07-02-2012, 05:51 PM
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I'm not at all an expert of the borders plugin, and I have never used it myself. But I find your settings for the pan-tilt values a bit strange.

Firstly, the min/max values for panning are between -180 and +180, and the tilt values are from -90 to +90 (tilt_min must be lower that tilt_max). And allowing any pan value is superfluous, so the settings I would use are:

   tilt_min = -60
   tilt_max = 60

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