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Old 08-10-2012, 08:17 PM
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Default Autotour starts up again after it should be disabled

I'm running into an issue with my project. If I click the pano stopping the function before it executes the next pano, everything is okay.

However, if the tour function is allowed to execute from the first to the second panorama, even if I click the pano to enable autorotation (effectively stopping the auto tour) the tour reactivates when I click a hotspot to manually go to another area.

Here are snippets of the code I use:
  goTopano2="loadPano(panoName=includes/pano2&tiltHome=0&zoomHome=.8&panHome=30,350,fade); onTransitionEnd=p2();"
  p2="pano.pan=150,1400,easyOut,p2a; pano.tilt=-15,1390,easyIn;"
  p2a="pano.pan=385,1500,easyOut,p2t; pano.tilt=0,1490,easyOut;"
  p2t="pano.zoom=2.5,500,easyOut; goTopano3();"
And the code for hotspots:
<!-- Button for pano2 from outside -->
  <spot id="spot2" url="includes/spot.swf" scale="1" pan="6" tilt="-4" blockMouse="1" onLoad="linked=includes/pano1" onRelease="loadPano(panoName=includes/pano2&tiltHome=0&zoomHome=.8&panHome=30,350,fade&enableAutorotator());" />
<!-- Button for pano3 from lobby -->
  <spot id="spot3" url="includes/spot.swf" scale="1" pan="13" tilt="-2" blockMouse="1"  onLoad="linked=includes/pano2" onRelease="loadPano(panoName=includes/pano3&tiltHome=0&zoomHome=.8&panHome=280,350,fade&enableAutorotator());" />
<!-- Button for pano1 from lobby -->
  <spot id="spot1a" url="includes/spot.swf" scale="1" pan="65" tilt="-2" blockMouse="1"  onLoad="linked=includes/pano2" onRelease="loadPano(panoName=includes/pano1&tiltHome=0&zoomHome=.8&panHome=0,350,fade&enableAutorotator());" />
Does anything jump out at you that is allowing the autotour start up again for the new area if I manually press the hotspot? Even the functions for that new area seem to be the functions of some other pano area (the pano acts differently than programmed).

Thanks for any help!
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Old 08-11-2012, 04:12 PM
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Hi Matt,

I'm no expert at this, but where does it say that you can execute the enableAutorotator() command inside the loadPano() command? I tried something similar and it didn't work.

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Old 08-15-2012, 04:30 PM
metallicamatt metallicamatt is offline
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I don't think it really works, Tommy. I believe I tried that after I saw the glitch as I went through hoping for a fix. It doesn't break it though . Anyway, if there's another way to turn off the auto-movement after the first pano completes, I would love to find it. I still haven't found a fix.

Again, the tour allows manual functionality if you stop it before it goes to 'goTopano2'.

Is there a way to have it stop the movements and then have a play button to pick up wherever you are and start from that point?

Thanks to anyone who can provide insight.

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