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Old 10-25-2007, 09:32 AM
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Default "you are here" on a map with "onLoad"

Sorry about the wierd topic but Ill try to explain.

I have a map on my pano with 10 different spots, you can click on them to view a new pano.(Anybody heard about this idea before?)

I now want the spot to change so one can see what pano they are looking at right now.
I know how to do it to change whan you click a spot but I dont want it to change before the other pano is loaded...

on click I would solw it something like this...

onClick="hotspots_1.visible+=1;hotspots_1_2.visibl e+=1"

But Now...

Ho do I change the hotspot on load of the new pano and where do i put the onLoad code? I only use one Xml file...

This how the spotcode look now.

<spot id="hotspots_10" url="files/panosymbol.png" static="1"staticX="165.00" staticY="320.00" salign="LT" depth="12" alpha="1" 
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