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Old 10-22-2007, 10:14 AM
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Default thumbnails' clicks if the pano is loading...


(thank you with Denis)
I get problems if I click on thumbnails when pano is loading. How can I ignore thumbnails' clicks during loading? Have I to do it in .xml file or in .swf file ? and how? (I'm using movDecoder.swf).

Another question: I want to shorten transition effect but I can't. The swf files loads the xml file with :
__ panorama.externals.hotspots.loadPano(["loadPano?xml_file=paramsC.xml&tilt=-15&pan=-211&zoom=1.05"])
and I've tried :
__ panoName=images/panoC,100,fade
in xml file but it doesn't work.
(I am an occasional programmer)

Thanks for your help

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Old 10-25-2007, 12:50 PM
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There is no parameters to ignore all clicks (good idea, I will add it later). But you can implement this various scripts:
<global onTransitionEnd="btn1.onClick=doClick" >
<spot id="btn1" url="button.png" doClick="pano.pan_v=1" />
<spot url="pano2.png" onClick="loadPano(panoName=2);btn1.onClick=" />
format for Actionscript:
panorama.externals.hotspots.loadPano(["xml_file=paramsC.xml&tilt=-15&pan=-211&zoom=1.05", 100, "fade"])
for XML:
loadPano(xml_file=paramsC.xml&tilt=-15&pan=-211&zoom=1.05, 100, fade)
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